Hey guys and welcome to the brand spanking new UCDCC blog!! This, alongside the club forum and the Facebook page, is where you can see all that’s going on in the club.

The plan for this blog is to aim to post up a little piece every week after the Saturday trip, with photos and maybe some videos from the day. Same again for our weekends away – Freshers Weekend, Lahinch, Varsities, Easkey – we’ll post up a wee bit on it.

As well as the regular goings on in the club, we’d love other people to contribute to the blog too. If any UCDCC members – current or past – are planning an epic trip away, or have just got back from one, we’d love it if you’d pass something onto us to stick up on the blog… With loadsa pictures too!

As well as any posts on trips, if anyone would like to post up about random stuff going on in the club, in the college or in the wider paddling community, we’d love to hear from you.

Anybody that wants to contribute, can you e-mail your post to ucdcanoeclub@gmail.com, with “Blog post” in the e-mail subject, and attach any photos you want too. The committee can then have a look over it, and pop it up on the page. Anybody who contributes will obviously get full credit for the stuff that gets put up.

Cheers folks, and hope to hear from ye soon!



Photo by Eoin O'Raghallaigh



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