Saturday 12th Feb: a good day to be a bear!

By Matt

I was really looking forward to this post – it being the first post on a Saturday trip on the blog. I was looking forward to talking about the epic day we were gonna have down in Wicklow, and putting up some slick photos of some crazy freshers running the stout!

Sadly, though, it wasn’t to be. Due to forces beyond our control, the bus never showed up in UCD, so we had no transport to the river (“oh, you wanted a bus for Saturday!? I thought you said Sunday!!”…..). Disaster! But then, someone came up with the great idea to suit up and head for the mighty River Dodder – just down the road from the boathouse (I can’t remember whose idea it was, so I’ll just take the credit for it).

Everyone hopping on

So myself, Clare and 6 freshers got changed and walked down to face the raging Dodder. I suited up in the bear onesie and got ready to go. Sometimes, when you’re gonna run the stout, all you gotta do is dress like a bear and do it!

Falling asleep in my bear onesie

What followed was some extreme, hardcore…. really nice, relaxing paddling on the river. The weather was good, the craic was mighty, the fish were dancing – what more could you want from your Saturday afternoon? We hopped on at Clonskeagh Bridge, and from there we headed upstream to a little rapid where you could mess around in the flow. We then headed downstream towards the weir just past the bridge. After a careful inspection of the drop, myself and Gareth thought it was a bid too stout to run today… Next time though…

Gareth running some 'stout'!

So after some more hanging around on the water and a bitta paddling, we headed back up the boathouse and went our separate ways. I put the onesie back in its box, to be unleashed on the world again soon. Maybe for varsities…..

Alex trying to hide her face with the paddle...

Cheers to everyone who came out today – Gareth, Darina, Alex, Dan, Rory, Joe and Clare – and sorry to the guys who were down in Wicklow waiting for us! Thanks to Alex and Clare for the photos too.

Varsities next weekend! Really looking forward to it now – should be great craic altogether. And remember, it doesn’t matter if UCD win or lose, what’s important is that we beat Trinity.

I joke, I joke.

The hero shot at the end

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