Lahinch 2012 by Niamh Lowe

Lahinch, by Niamh Lowe

When I started my second year of college I was eager to throw myself out there, start something new and make the most of my experience of college life. When I started with the UCDCC I was taken by the encouragement and patience of the more experienced member of the club getting to grips with paddling techniques and lingo. Needless to say I was hooked, and I wasn’t the only one!

What makes being in the club awesome are the weekend trips away. We were certainly on a high after the Freshers trip to Cork so the trip  to Lahinch Co. Clare was very highly anticipated to say the least. After a banterful bus journey and a couple of short(ish) bathrooms stops, we arrives in the sleepy sea-side village of Lahinch. After we settled into our hostel (by flinging our bags into our rooms) we had the opportunity to acquaint ourselves with the club from Trinity, bombard a local pub and generally bant around until we succumbed to sleep. We woke up to a beautiful morning in whatever bed we claimed the night before. Although we were bleary-eyed and awfully hung-over, we were immediately perked up by the fresh air and the sight of kayaks. The day that was in it was perfect to practise kayak surfing as  the waves were consistently high which was challenging and definitely helped us to improve our paddling.


Credit: Naddy Jones

After our time on the beach on the beach, we quickly made our way back to the hostel. Shortly after showering and eating it was time to get ready to go out. By getting ready I don’t mean fake tan, heels or smart shirts……I mean fancy-dress, something that I have a particular fondness of. The theme was superheroes and there were some very creative costumes indeed from both UCD and Trinity.


Credit: Naddy Jones

After we partied and took a crazy amount of pictures in the hostel, we made our way to one of the only hostels in Lahinch. Of course, we bewildered every non-kayaking person throughout the night with our mad ensembles. Sure you have to be remembered somehow! Afterwards the nightclub was dubbed “ the best night club ever” because there was also a 18th, a 21st and a 30th being celebrated there at the same time, where else would you have it?! Sunday morning consisted of a slow start and lots of sausages for those who got up first. After getting the kayaking gear packed up and tidying up the hostel, it was time to hit the road back to Dublin. It’s always the sign of a good weekend when the bus journey home is considerably quiet.

It goes without saying that the Lahinch trip was just as fantastic as the Freshers trip. We fitted a lot into the time that we had there and most importantly made new friends and improved on our paddling.

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