Mike’s First Merry Kerry with UCDCC – December 2014/ January 2015

By Mike O’Malley (MOM)

All anyone ever talked about coming up to Christmas was Kerry, Kerry and Kerry. Seeing everyone was talking about it so much I decided to skip my usual new years at home and head down down to Kerry. I have to say I have no regrets

Getting down to the houses was quite the challenge as i didn’t have a clue where they were. Turns out when I finally called for the directions I had passed the houses about 5 times. When i got there turns out everyone had already claimed all the beds but there was still a bit of floor space for me which became my bed for the next week.

The first day of kayaking we headed on down the Lower Carragh which was pretty different from anything i had done before. Before this I had only gone on the Liffy and the Boyne which were mainly just made up of flatwater. The rapids on the Lower Carragh were so much more fun although the water was low  so we literally got stuck every two seconds.


My next river trip Kerry was the Upper Carragh an extremely hungover trip. Probably the most challanging river I’ve done yet. Finally discovered where the famous kayakers fear of trees comes from, the first section of tress seemed fine until the last branch which attacked me and made me capsize thankfully rescue  was there waiting so i got straight back up. The second set of trees caused carnage, an empty boat got stuck on a tree and even with our 8 or so engineers we struggled to recover the boat. After about half an hour we finally recovered it and headed on down the river. Then we met blackstones which looked extremely scary. It doesn’t look half as bad when you end up backwards though as you cant see ahead of you, I learned this the hard way.


Anyways, after all the fun nights and blurry mornings, it was finally time for the big clean up. We slowly became aware of how much we had abandoned the state of the houses and with some encouragement from committee, gave us the necessary energy to get out of our hungover comas and make them look presentable again. All in all, Kerry was  a great trip and I’d highly advise everyone to go; great craic and kayaking experience. I just hope you don’t experience ALCOOL!


(All photographic credit goes to Naddy Jones)

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