Sara and Niamh’s Banterful Bundoran – November 2014

By Sara Griffin and Niamh Delaney.

Our first official UCDCC weekend trip, and boy, it certainly didn’t disappoint. Drinking was well underway before we had even left the Pale to start our journey Northbound and everyone already was in high spirits, buzzing for the weekend of Partying and Paddling ahead.  Due to the happy coincidence of the Hostel double-booking us, we had the rare luxury of Holiday homes, where one was rapidly declared ‘The Party House’ and the rest ‘no-go Partying ‘zones.  The usual All-out War for bed space was non-existent as everyone got their own bed, without having to battle to stay off the floor.  The Party continued non-stop straight off the bus, with banter and chats galore; a first taste of Kayaking Party life!

DSCF0288 DSCF0407

9 o’clock the next morning meant a reluctant wake-up call, with Hangovers and blurry memories in full swing all round.  I was informed the freezing sea- water was the perfect ‘Hangover-cure’ and so it was. After getting a run through of the basic skills we would need to effectively ‘Surf-Kayak’, we were let loose on the waves. The swells were fierce that afternoon, with many a novice and advanced alike successfully catching waves both big and small.  A very important lesson learned was not to wave ‘hello’ to your instructor as he his wildly gesturing to you to get the hell out of the water as you are being merrily dragged out to sea in a Rip. Despite this no one was injured, and everyone was raring to go for the Disney -themed night of drinking ahead.

gregSea DSCF0436

Competition was fierce that night, with everything from Booze LightBeer, Mike and Sully, Winnie the Pooh, and our dear Captain Snow White, the list goes on. More new experiences were to follow, with our first taste of ‘Club Hooch’, the usual Kayaking singsong, and many a game designed to mess with us Freshers.


A terror- inducing taxi ride into town to the local nightclub was to follow, as life flashed before our eyes. Bundoran became the new Disneyland that night, and suffice it to say many locals and non-locals were thoroughly amused by our display. The ending of the nightclub did not mean the ending of the night, with the festivities carrying on well into the wee hours in the houses. Eventually everyone stumbled to bed, collapsing into any available bed that could be found. In contrast to the bus journey up to Bundoran, the journey back found everyone tired and hungover (some still quite drunk) with the remnants of face-paint still in evidence, but no one could argue that Bundoran had not lived up to its well-deserved name of ‘Banterful Bundoran’.


(All photographic credit goes to Naddy Jones)

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