Simon’s Fresher’s Experience in Tramore – October 2014

By Simon Grennell.

October 10th was set up to be my first weekend away with a college club. The trip that convinced me that this was the only club to spend a weekend with.

Having only really made friends with one of the only club members, we left for Tramore with me feeling slightly apprehensive. However my mind was changed within an instant. With parties both nights, having pre-drinks in the hostel before heading out to the pub and the nightclub the atmosphere was very much electric. There was no better way to break the ice between members than playing Cards Against Humanity with a can in hand. What craic was had those nights.

This weekend also had two canoeing outings. The first morning we headed out to Tramore beach to surf some waves. Despite having kayaked before, I had never surfed in a kayak, but the committee members were glad to share their paddle surf knowledge. This was really he first day I got to know the other members and committee as we attempted and quite often failed to catch these one-to-two foot waves. The next morning we headed home, stopping in Carlow to have our first ever club river trip! Great craic was had by all. Techniques were taught and we had many BoaterX races.

In the end we all had a well deserved sleep on the bus journey home. Getting back, we finally emptied the trailer and then tucked in to a delivery of pizzas we had just ordered.

(Credit to Steven Mulrooney for the epic video of our weekend trip!)

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