Freshers ‘Fun’doran 2015

The annual freshers trip was not something I had intended on going to. I didn’t think I knew enough people to go on a club trip yet. I was convinced by fellow club members only two days before the trip that it was absolutely unmissable! I’m happy to admit, they were 100% right.
The fun started before we even left UCD campus and the party flowed straight off the bus and into the houses in Bundoran. After a brief scattering to claim beds, everyone gathered in the party house. It wasn’t long before I definitely couldn’t claim I didn’t know enough people. After a long night of chatting, drinking and laughing, the party was paused as everyone headed to bed.

Bus Banter Begins! Photo Credit: Derv McAuley

Saturday started with a delicious breakfast of sausages and toast. Then we got down to the
beach to learn how to surf kayak. We spent the day chasing and catching waves, occasionally capsizing when the waves caught us instead! We even had time to explore the sand dunes before we packed up and headed back to the houses to get ready for the night.

This way to Bundoran???- Ailbhe Touhy (Credit: Derv McAuley)

Hungover Surf … Nothing better! (Credit: Derv McAuley)

The party was soon back in full swing as everyone got out their costumes for the night. The houses were soon filled with an array of cats, parrots, roman soldiers, Harry Potters, hen
partiers and even Pac Man with his entourage of ghosts. Eggcup shots of Club Hooch were
freely distributed and before long we were ready to join Bundoran clubbers. We walked to the club and livened up the usual Saturday night crowd.

Pacman and her Ghosts feat. The Drunken sailor (Credit: Derv McAuley)

We got up the next morning to another great breakfast. There was a match on that Sunday so we were soon packed up, houses cleaned and on the bus back to Dublin. As everyone piled off the bus, and most went straight into the Clubhouse to watch the game, my first weekend trip with the Canoe Club came to an end. I was absolutely exhausted, but so glad I’d gone.

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